You can now buy a second-hand car in Melbourne hassle-free!  Recently, a client and his family asked if I can help them with purchasing their cars before they arrive. First thought that came to my mind was the Titanic, a big ship about to sink.  I don’t know anything about cars and never pretended that I do. But because I thought it would be a good challenge, I agreed to help out but with lots of disclaimers. One, I will not make any decisions about the cars. Two, I will only provide videos and photos. Three, I will ask the exact questions that are forwarded to me. That’s just because I wouldn’t know what questions to ask. So, after travelling around the outskirts of Melbourne and 6 cars later, my client sent me the link to the 7th car that was in a car yard in Car City Ringwood. And the rest is history.

The secondhand car dealership is Peter Beamish Motors, they are in 473 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood. They take care of the entire process. The only thing you have to do is to inspect the car personally. They make sure the car has a Road Worthy Certificate, arrange an independent mechanical check and fix anything that requires fixing to make sure that VicRoads can register the car under your name. Pay for the car and the car can be driven out of the yard.

It was very frustrating going from one car dealer or private seller to another and not finding the right car. Most times, the appearance of the car looks great but after having a mechanical check which cost between $280 to $370 (I know because I had to organise a few), the car is basically a ticking migraine about to happen. And then seller is not very happy to negotiate with the price. And then the whole process falls apart and it is back to square one. It becomes a very costly process.

Which brings me to this, I’ve talked with the owners, Wayne Corke and Phil Prince, about them helping my clients out with getting cars in Melbourne. That way, the agony of having to arrange and pay for mechanical inspections, negotiating the price (which you still can do), having any issues be fixed up and registering the car are all taken care of. The only annoying thing that you will encounter is a barking dog. You’ll know what I am talking about.