Choosing the right suburb to rent in Melbourne may be about finding the area where it is most popular for migrants from a particular country. Moving to a new city is stressful but if you are surrounded by people who have the same background as yourself, the change might not feel as drastic and overwhelming.

Melbourne Beach and Hillside Suburbs Popular with the British

Migrants from the UK tend to favour the Melbourne suburbs closer to the beach. When the British leave their motherland for Australia, they see this country as the land of sunshine and beautiful beaches.  The suburbs they have chosen are over 20 kilometers away from the city centre. Land sizes are bigger equating to bigger houses with bigger outdoor living space.

Chinese Prefer Inner City and Eastern Suburbs

Inner city Melbourne and a large portion of the eastern suburbs have more residents originating from China. Melbourne’s eastern suburbs are usually more expensive with a good mixture of grand houses and newly built apartments. These suburbs are also serviced by the tram networks that goes on a direct route to Melbourne University.  Further out east is Monash University, another well-regarded university that is popular with international students who focus on science.  However, even prior to the popularity of these suburbs with the Chinese international students, the eastern suburbs of Springvale and Box Hill have been the centre of oriental restaurants and supermarkets which would have undoubted drawn people who favour to have comfort food.

Migrants from India Rent in Outer Suburbs

Value for money in outer suburbs where the average rental price of a one-bedroom apartment is under $300. It is the wiser choice if you don’t want your entire salary servicing your rental home. It’s a smart move as these suburbs are serviced by train lines that bring you into the CBD in under an hour.

Average Rental Price in Melbourne per Room

The map doesn’t specify if these migrants are renting or have taken the plunge and bought a house. Obviously, different suburbs command different rental prices. Closer to the city, you have to sacrifice value over convenience. As you go further out, you can get more space for the same amount of money. Share-housing website, Flatmates, created a rental average map per room.