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My name is Winneth Sotingco. I am a relocation agent specialising in finding and securing your rental property in Melbourne. I have years of experience and have helped dozens of clients find their perfect home.

I know firsthand that the excitement of moving to a new country is accompanied with frustrations and challenges. My schooling and careers in finance, hotels and education have taken me around Australia, China, US and Japan.

When I relocated for work, I was expected to being my new job the next business day and squeeze in house-hunting during work hours and on the weekends. So I understand the immense pressure of finding a place when working in a new city I am not familiar with.

I am a Melbourne local and have worked with clients from all parts of the world such as United States, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Singapore.

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+61 413 789 394

Call Me!

+61 413 789 394

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I often post information and links about living in Melbourne, locations, events and rental prices.

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