I had to take sometime to write this well deserved recommendation of a fantastic service. Winneth, on behalf of his company FindersKeepersPL.com, made a exceptional service not only finding a dream house for the next years but also in introducing me and my family to the magnificent city of Melbourne.

When I start looking for a house in Melbourne, while I was still in Portugal, I didn’t had a clue on what suburbs would suit me better. We had a lot of things that we were looking for, but we no knowledge of the city and no knowledge on the process to rent a house, was a difficult task for us.

Lucky for us we find Winneth! Not only he  found a house that would suit our needs, but found it in a extremely fast time. The process of renting a house is a tedious one (we had no idea). He dealt with all the process of connecting the utilities, dealing with the agent, picking up documents for us to sign.

Winneth and FindersKeepersPL was a fantastic person. Overall, based on what he offers, the price is a bargain. Quality, honesty, super friendly and of course best in job.

Made our life easy, happy and with no issues

Ivo Coutinho – Technology Specialist – Telstra