Earlier this week, I signed on a professional couple who are looking to shift away from their one bedroom flat in the CBD. They have lived in this place since February this year. It was a 6 month contract and they wanted to see if living in a very luxurious and a very central apartment with a small space is something they can do. However, with the space they have or don’t have, they miss entertaining and their current living area does not allow more than 5 people at any one time in their living area. They pay $500 per week. It’s very well located for nightlife and for their jobs which are both under ten minutes away ON FOOT!

I’ve been to their apartment recently. I wanted to check out what furniture they will be bringing so I can visualise them in the new place I am moving them into. Well, that is when I find them the right house. I was given a budget of $700 to play with and living space that spills out to an outdoor area was high on the list. Along with this, something with character. This will be an amazing project.

I’ve viewed about 3 properties for them recently and what they want is hard to come by. Frankly, I thought it was going to be easy considering that their bedroom was internal, devoid of natural light and was claustrophobic. Their criteria: floorboards throughout the house; not an apartment; excellent finish and; should have the wow factor. Luckily, my deadline is not until mid July. Currently, the listed ones are available in two to three weeks’ time and even though I have been given the go ahead to secure the property even if it means they will be paying for two rents, I don’t want them to have to spend that money if the property is not absolutely perfect. Maybe I should just follow what they said they can afford but I do have a duty of care to make sure they are not just throwing their money around.

I am looking at terraces, singleĀ and double storey ones. Because of their jobs, the house needs to be located at the fringe of the CBD. I’m quite excited to continue this hunt. It will be interesting to find a brilliant space in the area that ticks all the boxes for these two very discerning people. Definitely a departure from house hunting in Werribee.