Melbourne’s coffee culture can be repulsively snobby. Most people who relocate to Australia and walk into a coffee shop end up staring at the menu wondering what short blacks and long black are. There is a whole new vernacular to learn and fortunately, like how most things are named in Australia, they are very easy to remember because whatever it is, it is described as you see it.

There will be cafes close to you wherever you rent in Metro Melbourne

The good thing about living in Melbourne is that there will be cafes close to you. Caffeine hits are a necessary in embracing the Melbourne lifestyle. So walk around your neighbourhood and try out which of the cafes can make your coffee the way you like it.

Coffee terminologies

Espresso  – short black

Americano – long black, not entirely the same because a long black is a shot of espresso with hot water added.

Brewed coffee – drip coffee, not exactly the same but close enough.

Cafe au lait – latte or cafe latte which has a little frothy milk or flat white which has no froth

Cappuccino – cappuccino (hooray!)

Stronger espresso…

You can double or triple the shots of espresso in all the listed coffee variations.

More coffee variations…

There are the other intricacies of doppios, ristrettos, piccolos, macchiatos and cold brews. I think this is best left a few months on when the basics are mastered.

Milk – au Lait coffees with nuts and beans

In fact, you can get soymilk for the lactose-intolerant quite readily anywhere. Some places may even offer almond milk to appease the inner hipster in you.

For those who relocate to Melbourne who dare not to experiment (yet)

And if all these is too much for you, there are 2 Starbucks locations in the city. Unsurprisingly, a large number of Starbucks had to close their doors after failing to penetrate the critical Melbourne market. And for free short blacks, lattes and cappuccinos, walk into a Nespresso boutique shops when you’re in the CBD or Chadstone.