Today, I moved in my client to her new apartment in the inner north of Melbourne. She arrived at 10am with her suitcases and her bikes in large boxes straight from the airport. As we slowly got all her belongings into the building she was impressed with the facades (there are more than one building in the complex) and also the security features.

I gave her the keys to open her door to her new home and she was thrilled! Over the moon thrilled! We hugged and she was very thankful. She told me that the videos I took of the place did not do justice on how beautiful the apartment is and how magnificent the views are. The apartment is north facing and with today’s sunny and warm weather, it was a glorious sight. This is what I have been saying all along. You can have as many pictures and videos of the place on an agency’s website but you really have to personally inspect properties or get someone like me to attend the inspections.

I am obviously very happy that she loves the place. I showed her the rest of the building, where the trash chute is, her car space and her storage cage and had to leave her so she can enjoy her new home and start unpacking. I did forget to bring her a drinking cup and a roll of toilet paper.