When you start searching for a place to rent in Melbourne this year, you may want to avoid certain suburbs that will be affected by the construction of new train stations that will be linking the the inner west to the inner south.

9 km long tunnels connecting South Kensington and South Yarra

Starting in 2018, construction work will commence on creating two parallel 9-kilometre long tunnels that will house 5 new underground stations connecting the existing South Kensington Station and South Yarra Station.

The locations and names of 5 new Melbourne train stations

The new stations will be called Arden (North Melbourne), Parkville (in Parkville), CBD North (Melbourne Central), CBD South (near Flinders Street Station) and Domain (on St. Kilda Road near the Royal Botanic Gardens).

Underground tunneling works will be ongoing 24/7

All underground tunnelling and creation of tunnel support will go on for 24/7 and the affected areas are Arden, Domain Road and Fawkner Park. The above ground construction will start at 7am till 6pm weekdays and 7am till 1pm on Saturdays.  Construction to start in 2018 till 2026

End points of tunnels are popular areas for renters

These areas are quite popular with first time Melbourne residents because of the farthest two stations, Arden and Domain, are about 3 kilometres away from the centre of the city and there has been resurgence of high rise residential buildings in the past 5 years.