Winneth was amazing from start to finish. We couldn’t have hoped for better advice, support and ongoing attention to detail from the service he offers. From initially finding out our preferences and ideas about where we wished to live, our living requirements (light and space!) along with our budget, Winneth set up a profile and continued to refine this as we gave feedback on various suggestions.

The videos he sent from open for inspections really helped us know what was worth visiting – and saved us so much time and effort – along with comprehensive information about whether the property would likely fit our needs. In the end, we saw two properties, one of which we very happily chose. Winneth’s service continued through setting up the connections with energy companies, internet, white goods.

All incredibly prompt, helpful and efficient and always with a smile. On the moving in day, Winneth made sure everything arrived as expected and followed up to check all was ok. I couldn’t imagine anything he could have done better to support us at any stage of the process. THANKS!!!”

Professors Amanda Berry and Jan van Driel – RMIT and University of Melbourne