I got a job offer at Iloura in Melbourne. It was my first time working outside of USA, and I was stressed about adapting into new work environment and searching for a place to stay in a foreign country in 2 weeks’ time. I was fortunate that my company hired Winneth to look for a place for me before I landed in Australia. I needed a furnished one bedroom apartment for 6 months.


Winneth was a great help, I can’t thank him enough. Before I arrived Australia, we communicated via email and phone constantly. He would go to open houses that fit into my housing criteria and budget, and he would give personal suggestions based on the size of the apartment, noise level from the street, the location, safty, convenience…etc. After we decided on the property, Winnth was very detailed about going through the rental lease and necessary paper works. He even helped me to connect the utilities under my name. He got everything done before my arrival.


On the day I arrived Melbourne, he was already in the apartment inspecting everything according to the condition report. He took note of everything part of the apartment that requires fixing, and follows up with the property manager to make sure they get fixed in timely manner. Besides helping me with housing, Winneth even went out the way and showed me how to take the tram there, where to get or add money to my tram pass. He also helped me to get my cell phone connected right away and showed me where the nearby grocery store is. I was all set from day one I arrived Melbourne.


Whenever there were issues with my apartment, Winneth always does his best effort to help me out, even after he has done his job finding me a place. To me he is beyond an agent that help me to find an apartment, he is also a good friend. I am very thankful to him that I was worry free about housing search when I went to Australia alone. Melbourne is an amazing city, it was a very positive experience for me to have Winneth’s help. If I were to working in Melbourne again, I would not hesitate to use Winneth’s help again and I highly recommend his service!

ShuChen Lin – 3D Texture/Lighting Artist – Iloura