Why use our relocation services

So you can start living in your Melbourne rental home on the day you arrive. You just need to unpack.

We work for only you and not the real estate agent

We work for you and no one else. We are your private rental consultant and advocate. We do not get any form of payment from real estate agents so there will be no question of where our loyalty lies. We do not hold stale and undesired rental properties from agents to pawn off to you.

We do have a good working relationship with real estate agents so when the time comes when we are searching for your rental property, they will let us know when a property that meets your criteria is about to become available. And if possible, they allow us to view the property privately before the public inspection.

We help you find your perfect home before you arrive

We consult with you before you arrive in Melbourne to understand your needs and present you with the suitable options. You’ll get videos of the inspections and my unbiased and honest recommendations. You are part of the decision-making process and can choose the home which suits you best. And this can all be done remotely – before you move to Melbourne.

You save money in your relocation to Melbourne

By securing a rental home in Melbourne before you arrive, you will save thousands of dollars. Temporary accommodation in Melbourne is quite expensive (on average $200 a night) and it takes at least 21 days to secure a home. So you can imagine how expensive it becomes when you add up all the costs. Add the cost of meals, public transport, internet and cabs, and you’re looking at a fortune.

Our rental finding services cost a fraction of that price and it is a flat-rate so there are no surprises.

You save time, energy with no frustration in finding a rental home in Melbourne

It can be difficult to rent a home in Melbourne. The rental market is competitive and it’s important to understand how the rental process works. You need to inspect a property before you can rent it. Inspection times are 10 minutes long and set by the agents. Everyone who is interested in the specifications that you are also interested in will be there.

We will be your eyes and legs inspecting your potential rental home and keep you posted regularly with updates while you are preparing your relocation to Melbourne.

Your utilities to be connected on the day you move in

We will arrange connection of essential utilities, i.e., gas, water, power, so when you arrive in Melbourne you can move in and unpack straight away. We will start the process of connecting the internet so you don’t have to wait for 3 weeks.

You have a permanent address in Melbourne before you move
You can share with your friends and family your new address in Melbourne. You can start exploring the neighbourhood even before you arrive. You can start planning on how to get to work, where to do your grocery shopping and all the other things you need to know to get settled.
You only talk to us the entire process

We are your point of contact during the entire process of us looking for your home in Melbourne until you move in. You will not be passed around and we will be here to answer your questions.

We specialise in Melbourne

We are Melbourne-based and specialise in finding you your perfect rental home in Melbourne.